My baby starts daycare this morning. I have been trying to get him excited about going to school! He will be visiting for one hour this morning, two hours tomorrow morning and three hours the following morning.  The week after that, assuming all goes well, he will go for four 5-hour mornings.

Up until now, my father-in-law has been watching him while I’ve worked which has worked out fine.  I had originally planned to split the childcare between ‘Grandpa’ and another provider but Grandpa had convinced me to wait at least until the Fall since his own young children would be home for the summer and he didn’t mind having the baby for the whole time.  Grandpa will be going away for most of next week though so the need to find another option made me revisit the daycare idea.

I’ve found a Montessori daycare close to my work that will take him for either 3, 6 hour days or 4, 5 hour days.  They are very flexible and it costs $544/ month.  This is actually less than I had expected! My father-in-law will still take him for the other one or two days.

I am quite relieved to be putting him in daycare as this gives me a second option rather than just the one (Grandpa) that I’ve had so far. I found it quite stressful not to have a backup and it left me scrambling a couple of times and lead to a couple of arguments around our home because I am expected to take time off if I can’t find baby-sitting and I wish my husband would help out in those cases.

The free aspect of the family provided child-care is what kept me from going the daycare route earlier. Even that though made me uneasy.  We had asked if we should pay them but got different answers from my husband’s parents.  Mother-in-law wanted us to pay them so she could use the money to buy a whole-life policy for my son and father-in-law said no, at least for now.  In the end, the insurance policy idea seemed weird to me and I decided that since we are housing their son (brother-in-law) free of charge at the moment that we were essentially just trading favours.

Hopefully things go well and our son adjusts well, or we’ll be back at square one.  I really feel that the extra opportunities to work and the stress relief daycare will provide are well worth the extra monthly bill!

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8 Responses to Our Baby is Beginning To Cost A Bit More!

  1. Daisy says:

    Day care is expensive – will the baby be back with your FIL when fall is over?

    • Marianne says:

      The baby will still be with my FIL two days a week and at daycare three days a week. FIL will be busier in the fall and that’s why I had planned to start the daycare stuff in the fall- now we’ve just moved it ahead a bit.

  2. westcoastgal says:

    We had a similar dilema a few years back and ended up doing daycare for almost 5 years. It was wonderful, stable, caring and stress-free for me. The expense (and tax deduction) was worth it for me. Now we have G&G doing before school care and it can be very stressful at times and the approaching summer is a potential issue. Also, not free but no tax break either. There’s always a trade off.

  3. Christa says:

    It’s great that FIL can care for the baby two days per week. If I were to stumble across my dream job, I’d go part daycare, part family care as well.

  4. My sister screamed and cried and had a fit when she first got dropped into preschool, but I on the other hand barely said goodbye to my mom and was off playing with other kids immeidatly. I’m a bit outgoing, you might say. I hope your son handles it well, but if not, he’ll eventually get used to it (my sister evnetually did!)!

  5. Sheila Groleau Smith says:

    I ends up being more traumatic for mom if you have a happy loving setting for baby. My kids were happy in home day care, but did prefer our home with mom and dad. That was my best case scenario. Watching the day care providers husband curled up in the recliner with my sleeping baby- Didn’t make me jealous, but happy that they were both happy and comfortable with each other enough to snuggle when I couldn’t be there.

  6. AverageJoe says:

    I remember when my twins first went to preschool. “It’s going to cost HOW MUCH?” I like the idea of an hour, then two, then three….is that the school’s approach or yours?

  7. Liquid says:

    Childcare can be pretty expensive but it’s totally worth it in the end. My friend pays about $1000 a month for daycare. Her 14 month old girl likes going there so that makes it easier on the parents. I heard depending on which province you live in the daycare system may be partly paid for by the government.

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