I’m not sure if I should call this week a success as far as the meal plan went.  I ended up only making one of the meals I had actually planned to so in that regard, I guess I failed pretty miserably. We did eat at home every night, though so in that sense I suppose it was a resounding success!

Things started out a bit shaky as I decided to switch the Sunday and Monday meals.  The Sunday meal was supposed to have been lasagna but when I went to make the lasagna on Monday, I realized that the box of lasagna noodles in my pantry had already been opened and I only had 3 noodles left! Meal planning lesson number one: don’t assume that you have an ingredient just because you have packaging for said ingredient! Since I had already started the meat and sauce portion of the lasagna, I turned it into spaghetti and the meal was decent.

Tuesday night we went for our regular potluck and my husband made roasted potatoes which were quite yummy. On Wednesday I came down with a horrible cold that I’m still fighting- but thankfully seems to be on its way out. ugh. I pulled a $5 No Frills lasagna out of the freezer along with some frozen garlic bread and called it a meal. On Thursday night I made the cheesy pork chops that I had planned to make on Friday night. They were quite good! On Friday night I was still sick and I had used up my Friday planned meal for Thursday’s supper so.. hubby had leftovers that night while I threw some chicken nuggets and fries that I had in the freezer into the oven, ate and went back to bed. blech. Still horribly sick on Saturday, hubby was kind enough to let me stay in bed most of the day and deep fried some fries up. He made them into chili cheese fries and they were very yummy. Baby boy liked them too… :)

Then Sunday happened. I was finally feeling better albeit a little sniffly. I may have been feeling a bit sorry for myself because husband had been away both Saturday and Sunday nights with friends/family leaving me home alone with our baby who is fun but goes to bed early… I decided to treat myself to a Hot and Ready pizza from Little Caesars. Had I just gone there and bought the $5 pizza it wouldn’t be so bad but of course, when I got there I suddenly needed the more expensive meat lovers hot and ready pizza and an order of their Italian Cheese Bread or whatever it was called.. $15 later I was sharing a slice with my baby boy who happens to love pizza as much as I do!!

So, 11 days into March, I gave in and bought a pizza. boo. This weeks another week though and if I can go another 11 days without eating out I’ll still be doing much better than I usually do. Without further ado, here’s what I’ve got planned for this week:

Monday – Mexican Carnitas in the Slow Cooker

Tuesday- Potluck with friends. Who knows what yummy stuff we’ll be enjoying this week?

Wednesday- Lasagna (assuming I remember to pick up lasagna noodles…)

Thursday- Taco Pasta

Friday- Three Cheese Spaghetti Bake 

Saturday- Pizza (homemade this time.. I hope.)

Hopefully I do a bit better than I did this past week. Honestly though, I am doing better than other months. It is not uncommon for me to swing by McDonald’s and grab a quick burger on my way home from work so in that regard, even though I slipped up, I’ve been doing really well which was my goal.

So far we’ve spent $303.25 on food products this month (including an $11 beer that my husband enjoyed at the Raptors game tonight and about $50 of ground beef that I stocked up on at $2.49/lb). We should only have to buy perishables for the rest of the month though (and lasagna noodles) and won’t even need those for another week or so. I should mention too that my husband’s brother is living with us currently and even though he has generally been having meals elsewhere, he has been eating breakfasts, snacks, beverages and a few dinners here which will invariably push up our food budget a bit.


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4 Responses to Meal Plan Update

  1. Michelle says:

    Sounds like a tasty week!

  2. Savvy Scot says:

    Taco Pasta sounds YUMMMM

  3. Sheryl (Cdn Gwen) says:

    With food planning, as with everything else, it takes some time to get it “right”, and everyone has their own “right”.
    I’d say as long as you are making progress, and can see where the weaknesses are in the plan to fix them, you are on the right track.

  4. Yum that looks like a great meal plan!

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