So sorry for the silence last week everyone.  As I shared in my post about lowering my phone and internet bill, we spent a week without home phone or internet (except for our cell phones) and it was pretty difficult for us! It is a bit embarrassing how much we depend on our internet connection to accomplish things!

Even with my screw up that resulted in our being cut off from the world (which was entirely my own fault), I am still so glad that we made all the changes that we did.

Here’s what we have been paying:

Internet- $70.00

Phone- $40.00

Cellphones- $70.00

Here’s what we are now paying:

Internet- $45.00

Phone- $5 (This first year it works out to $13/ month with the set-up costs but after that it is a yearly fee of $60)

Cellphones- $70.00

Savings- $60/ month

I had thought the internet was going to cost $35/ month but there is an extra $10 fee for the dry loop connection that is needed for the Talk It so I guess the phone is really costing me $15/ month and the internet is only $35/ month.

I’m especially happy with the Talk It device. My phone number is ported now so I have not had to change that. Also, I can log in and make changes to my account online very easily.  I have all sorts of calling features that I would never have considered paying extra for- mainly call display which I grew accustomed for when Bell through it in for free and then took it away again later. I can even choose to have my voicemails emailed to me (we have the same feature at work and it’s pretty cool). I had been worried about the sound quality but it’s excellent.

Several of our friends were already Teksavvy customers so we weren’t really concerned about switching our internet. I’m happy to say though that we’ve noticed no difference in speed.  We’ve yet to do any downloading so perhaps we will see differences there (hopefully for the better as at peak times Bell internet was painfully slow) but the general surfing speed seems unaffected. I am very pleased with their customer service though as I’ve called twice now and received great service both times.

Overall, we are so happy to have finally plugged this leak in our budget and looking forward to freeing up some cash to be allocated to other areas of our budget!!

Also- I mentioned in my update at the end of last week that I had exciting news to share- sorry to keep you on the edge of your seats but I have to wait until an announcement is made elsewhere before I can share here. Hopefully I will be able to post about it tomorrow. I’m probably as excited to share as you are anxious to hear all about it!


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4 Responses to Glad To Be Back!

  1. Welcome back – it’s crazy that a little snafu completely cuts you off!

  2. Liquid says:

    It’s amazing how much we all depend on high speed internet now. I can’t see myself in a career which doesn’t involve using a computer. Good for you for lowering your telecom bills. $60 is a good chunk of change.

  3. Martine says:

    Please keep us updated on how you like your choices in a couple of months. Huge savings!

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